Wednesday, March 9, 2011

About this Blog

  I grew up in a non-practicing Catholic home, as a child I used to believe in God like I believed in Santa Claus, so just as I grew to realize that St Nick did not exist I also realized that God was just as imaginary.  My big surprise was that most people never grew past God, and I know understand that it for various reasons which I will go over in future posts.

  I have always had to defend my NON-belief, I knew I would always be outnumbered, but I bowed never to be outwitted. Every person in the world has some sort of view on religion, so everyone I meet is a possibility for debate, sometimes smart but most of the times not, in fact a lot of people don't even know what their religion is really about, they assume that everything that a preacher says out loud must be in the bible... yes I wrote "bible" in lower case letters.

  Most of my arguments I have been able to expose again and again to different people, some have really been a challenge, but most I consider sharpening posts, since belief does not need understanding or knowledge I find like I've said before that most people are ignorant about their own religion, in fact most people cite the bible wrongly or falsely and I, that have actually read it, have to school them in it.

  Yes I read the bible, and many other religious texts, because I love knowledge, and just like "The Three Little Pigs" has a lot of wisdom in it, so do most religious texts.

  This blog will show many of my arguments and reflection, I will try to be as respectful as I can be, in other words, I will treat my readers with more respect that I have been treated by those who NEEDED to turn me throughout my life. Of course even in the most respectful way I can write I will still offend the deeply religious (FANATICS) that are insulted by my mere existence.

  Last but not least, if you think I'm full of it, you are welcome to leave a comment, I would not mind if they are heated and challenging, but I will erase any and all with foul language, so enjoy.

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