Friday, March 11, 2011


  I was having an argument with a believer once, he said that the bible was "The Sacred Word of GOD" then I started challenging him on it, of course there is a point in which even the most fanatic just must realize that it's just a colorful book full of fables intermixed with some historical facts written by "human beings" who "claim" they were taking dictation from god.

 When confronted with the reality that the earth is not just 11000 years old one must realize that the whole idea of Adam and Eve es just ridiculous, again even the most fervent believer has to stop arguing at that point...  so he, as to defend himself without any explanation what so ever (like is the MO for believers) he just blurted out the word "Allegory"'s definition of Allegory is:

–noun, plural -ries.
a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of onesubject under the guise of another.
a symbolical narrative: the allegory of  Piers Plowman.
emblem def. 3 .

Well I guess I am ignorant, could some please tell me which parts of the bible are just "Allegory" and which are "The true word of the one true GOD which must be obeyed letter by letter or we shall perish forever in the fiery pits of hell"?

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